Women’s Rights

women's rights


We All Know Strong Women

I am a proud husband and father. I am incredibly lucky to have these women in my life.


I will work to protect the rights of women to:
  • have control over their own bodies
  • earn equal pay for equal work
  • access to affordable health care

Not having these rights continues to institutionalize women as second class citizens.

I believe that women are still struggling to gain the same rights as men to earn a fair wage, to control their own bodies and for equal protection under the law. Once elected I will work to protect funding for Planned Parenthood, eliminate the gender wage gap, enact family paid leave and protect the rights of rape survivors. Planned Parenthood is one of the most effective providers of quality and affordable health care for women.  Ohio needs a law that guarantees women equal pay for equal work. Without the benefit of paid leave, new parents are forced to choose between returning to work prematurely and economic struggles. Compassionate legislation would protect rape survivors from the additional pain associated with law enforcement and judicial systems that multiply their suffering.

If the children are our future, then women give birth to the future. I want to honor that relationship.

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