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Denial is Not a Strategy for Success


We have pushed the limits of nature to the point where we can see entire ecosystems breaking down. As much as we may want to deny it; our existence is ultimately tied to the health of those ecosystems.

The EPA and other agencies responsible for monitoring pollution sources and non-point source pollution have been gutted and politicized to the detriment of public safety. These safeguards need to be restored to functional levels.

We need to develop a common vision to create policies that support transparency, responsibility and awareness of the consequences if we fail to act.

Ohio Waters Aren’t Safe

The problems in Flint, Michigan and others have brought water quality to the public’s attention, but lead isn’t the only problem. Our river and lake ecosystems have been altered by agricultural and urban runoff, industrial waste and pharmaceutical sources. Ohio has bodies of water that are not safe for recreation, with fish that are too toxic to eat.

    •  Pharmaceuticals and estrogen-mimicking-chemicals are found in every major city’s water. These chemicals have unknown effects on our health, on our children and on developing fetuses.


    • Industrial spills into waterways have poisoned the water supplies of cities in Ohio on several occasions.
    • Fracking chemicals (including methane production) and the transportation of chemicals to injection wells, has led to several known spills that affected local streams.


The environment we create today is the future our children and grandchildren will have to live in.

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