Education Has Been Under Attack for Decades



We need to make school funding balanced, equitable, and fair. Where you live should not condemn your child to a substandard education.

We need to restore and expand funding so that teachers are supported as professionals deserving of respect for their training and skills.

We need to reduce the administrative and reporting burden on teachers and provide adequate support staff.

We need to tighten regulations on for-profit schools to ensure our tax dollars are not being thrown away on money-making schemes.

I recognize these issues are complex, but our children must have an education that serves them as citizens of Ohio and strengthens our Democracy.

Our nation’s founders knew that a knowledge of our shared history, a basic understanding of nature and science, the ability to read, write, think, and consider were requisite for understanding the complex issues that face society.

Lack of funding, unreasonable mandates, endless tests of questionable value, and the draining of public education coffers into the hands of low-performing charter schools are all contributing to the weakening of our education system.

When you consider its importance, it is confounding that education is not our highest priority

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