State Budget

How much is too much for the government to spend on its people?

Naturally there is no perfect answer to that question.  I believe government funds are well spent when they provide things that benefit us all, like roads, fire and police, public schools, public parks, infrastructure, the court system, public health, public transportation and a robust support system for people between jobs.

The key principle is that these public expenditures ensure that everyone has an opportunity to achieve their highest potential without unnecessary barriers. Government budgets built around this principle will be an investment in a stronger future rather than a burden on society.



We often take for granted what government funds provide.

  • Roads and bridges that we drive on
  • Police and fire departments that keep us safe
  • Schools our children attend
  • Public libraries with their ever-growing list of resources
  • Public parks and zoos
  • Courts that protect our rights and freedoms
  • Public health system that keeps our families safe from epidemics
  • Public beaches and waterways

“Government funds are well spent when they go toward things that benefit all of us like roads, police and fire, public schools, parks, the courts, public health, public transportation and libraries.  These are the programs that ensure that everyone has a chance to excel without unnecessary barriers to success.”

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