State Budget

How much is too much government? I believe that the role of good government can be defined as “removing barriers to individual success.” My budget policy is based on that premise.

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Education is the bedrock of our Democracy. In an era of increased globalization, only an educated and informed public can expect to be prepared – and compete – for the jobs of the future.

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We have pushed the limits of nature to the point where entire ecosystems are breaking down. As much as we may want to deny it; our existence is ultimately tied to the health of those ecosystems.

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Working families are struggling now more than any time since the Great Depression. We can learn from the lessons of the past to help us find solutions for our current dilemmas and ensure our children’s future.

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Communities need to look deeper into what kinds of jobs are being created. We must consider whether those jobs pay livable wages, are sustainable, and offer an opportunity for steady, continued growth.

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Protections of individual rights afforded by the law must extend to all individuals. Positive role models, support groups and increased awareness through education can save lives.

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Women’s Rights

Women should be able to control their own bodies, earn equal pay for equal work and have equal protection. Not having these rights continues to institutionalize women as second class citizens.

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It’s Your Turn

No one person has all the answers; good government is a collaborative effort. Every voice should have the opportunity to be heard. Share the insights, thoughts, and policies that you would like to see considered.

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