Kris and DianaMeet Kris Keller

I was born and raised in Central Ohio. I graduated from Bishop Hartley High School and The Ohio State University where I met my wife of forty years, Diana. My daughter Rachel attended school in Clintonville from pre-school through High School.  My degree in Agriculture led to co-owning a 1200 acre grain and livestock farm. For thirty years I have been a chiropractic physician, consultant and healthcare advocate. In the past ten years I have studied Compassionate Communication with the goal of learning how to find common ground in difficult situations.

I currently live in Clintonville with Diana, where I continue to operate a chiropractic practice and serve as the Chairman of the Clintonville Area Commission.



What Qualities Would I Bring to Your Statehouse?


Our current state of affairs has been derailed by discord and division, with little meaningful progress. I will work to increase inclusion, integrity, cooperation and mutual respect.


I believe that our similarities far outweigh our differences and that we are all united by our hope for a better future. That future is not attainable when our vision is clouded by a false sense of division.


Listening to you and understanding your needs is integral to a government that serves everyone. At the heart of my positions lies the on-going pursuit of inclusion. Our society cannot – and does not – function when you don’t have a voice.


The problems facing our communities are complex and require creative solutions. I have experience bringing people together for innovative and collaborative processes.

years serving Clintonville Area Commision

years living in Clintonville

years as a Chiropractor

years with my wonderful wife