We started knocking on doors in Hilliard this week. It is quite a contrast to the months we spent in Upper Arlington. Most of the houses we visited today were smaller than the garages in Upper Arlington. Isaac Bacon was helping me today and as I was leaving a flier at one house I noticed him waving me over to another house up the street. He was talking to a frail older woman at her front door.  She was explaining to Isaac that she was about to turn 65 and was going to be forced to sign up for Medicare. She had been on Medicaid and getting Social Security benefits for a disability. But once she turns 65 she will be required to pay a $120 premium every month for the Medicare coverage. She is living on $800 a month from Social Security and says that she just barely makes ends meet as it is and doesn’t know what she will do if she has another expense. She was frightened and worried. We listened to her for a while and then she took a deep breath and finally said: “That $120 is about what I spend on food every month.”  Because of my health care background, I am familiar with some of the agencies in Central Ohio that help guide elderly people through the maze of benefits available to seniors. I gave her the name and contact numbers for one agency I am familiar with that could point her in the right direction. I thnk that I won her vote. Better yet I feel like I did something good for someone today.


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