The Things You Have To Do…

The Things You Have To Do…

I have been busy lately going door to door introducing myself to the people in my district. I really love walking and meeting people and it is such a joy to be outside in Ohio in the Spring. Most of the time. Yesterday was cold and rainy so we took the opportunity to take some new pictures for the new website.

Every political website has the same pictures. There is an official looking portrait on the home page. Somewhere there is a page about education, which has to have a picture of the candidate reading to a group of kids. Then there is the page about supporting local business with a bunch of pictures showing the candidate engaged with people in the neighborhood or local businesses or wearing a hard hat and looking serious. Finally, there is a page about how the candidate is active in the community with pictures of the candidate at parades or festivals shaking hands and handing out candy.

Some of them are pretty silly. Actually, the whole thing seemed kind of silly while we were doing it. But those pictures do help convey the message that the candidate cares and is involved in the community. Like they say, one picture is worth 1000 words.

Taking pictures was actually a lot of fun. I got to visit with local business people that I like and businesses that I personally frequent. In some cases we had to work hard to stay out of the way because these are busy, successful businesses and we didn’t want to interfere. But they were all helpful and, I think, amused to be part of the process. So, when you look at the pictures on the website, try to imagine an entourage of people with cameras and advisers swarming into these places and taking over, for just a minute or two,  to get a few photos that we hope will convey a message to you in a meaningful way.

It has nothing to do with understanding local issues or making effective policy decisions or creating a better government but it is another one of those things you have to do to get elected….


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