My First Candidate’s Night

My First Candidate’s Night

Tonight at the Norwich Township Fire House in Hilliard I will be one of many local, regional and national candidates represented at a “Meet the Candidates” event. Here is a link to an announcement for the event on the Upper Arlington Progressives Action web site. They are one of several organizations co-hosting the event.

I am excited to meet all of the other candidates and to meet representatives from the Sanders and Clinton campaigns.  And I am excited to meet the people who are motivated to find out more about the people who are running. I am also a little nervous because I will have an opportunity to speak for about 5 minutes. I’m not sure what I want to say yet. I want it to be authentic and relevant at the very least. Inspiring and motivating if I am lucky. So far in this campaign I have found that what works best is to speak from the heart, from the place where I feel the unity of all humanity, where the realization lies that the only thing that separates us is our own illusion of separation. If I can draw on that spirit it always goes well. If I get stuck in my head about what I should say or what do they want to hear then it doesn’t always go so well.  Wish me luck.


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