The Joys Of The Road. And The Regrets.

The Joys Of The Road. And The Regrets.

I am taking advantage of the perfect weather we have been having by getting out and meeting people as they work in their yards or walk the neighborhoods. For the most part it has been a very pleasurable experience. People are interested in what I am doing, they are interested in what causes I am interested in. I am hearing a lot of different opinions about what this political season means. This exchange of information is so valuable to me, and I hope to the people I am talking to.

In the title of this piece I mentioned regrets.  The one regret I have is that some people are not open to talking to a stranger, sometimes to the point of standing behind their closed door and yelling at me to “Go away, I am not interested in anything.” That is an exact quote from someone yesterday. And, of course I honor that request.

But I am sad at the idea that they are so afraid of what I might be selling or saying that they don’t even want to know why I am knocking on their door. I am guessing that they have been hurt in some way that makes them not want to trust.  I am saddened by that thought too because I believe that healing that kind of pain comes more quickly if someone can listen compassionately, without judgement, to what is bothering you.

We all have a story to tell and a need for that story to be heard.  Part of what I am doing while walking the neighborhood is listening to those stories. They tell me so much about what people are yearning for in their lives, from the community and from the elected officials that they have almost given up on. So my regret is that the people who hide behind the locked door or shut the door in my face before I can even say my name are missing exactly what they need. Someone who wants to listen.

I’m going out again in a little while to knock on some more doors. I will have a few doors closed in my face and a few people refuse to answer. I will say a little prayer as I walk away that they find what it is that they need.  If you hear a knock on the door, it might be me. I will go away if you want me to but I want to hear your story if you want to tell it.


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