Walking the talk…

Walking the talk…

Part of campaigning is getting out and walking the streets of the district and knocking on doors. This can be scary. Some people really don’t want to be bothered and they let you know in no uncertain terms.  After a while your feet hurt. You realize that you are looking for a bathroom but you are six blocks from your car. But then there are the moments that make it worthwhile. Yesterday a woman said that seeing me at the door brought back memories of her father who had long since passed away. She went on to tell me that her father was a state representative in the 1950’s and that, as a child, she would often go with him door-to-door talking to the people in the district. She learned the importance of knowing other people’s stories and dreams and concerns. Now that the weather is starting to break I will be walking the streets of the district. I want to be a face and a name that you recognize.  And I want to hear your story. Hope to see you soon.


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